Open Houses

We strongly believe that holding open houses helps to sell houses and have sold hundreds of properties since 1987 because of our marketing strategy which includes holding houses open for our clients. As long as we have the consent of the seller, we will hold open houses until the property is sold. Open houses work because many buyers understand there is no substitute for seeing properties in person and sometimes more than once. While photography and videos have their place, open houses have proven to result in sales. Open houses increase demand and often result faster sales at higher prices.

Some of our competitors will not invest their time in holding open houses. We are pleased to do so because we want our clients to achieve their goals as rapidly as possible while achieving the best price for their property.

Some 'homeowners who want to sell their property prefer that we not hold open houses but show their property by appointment only. If this is your preference, we will, of course, honor your preference.

Open houses are usually held for periods of two hours on late on Saturday mornings, early Saturday afternoons, or late Sunday afternoons.