Malibou Lake - Malibou Lake Mountain Club


Malibou Lake (not Malibu) is a man-made private lake in the Santa Monica Mountains located south of Paramount Ranch and Agoura Hills, and north of Malibu. The Peter Strauss Ranch is to the east.  Malibou Lake was created in 1926 after a dam was constructed at the confluence of Triunfo Creek and Lobo Creek. Water that overflows the dam is the headwater of Malibu Creek which flows to Malibu Lagoon which is part of the Santa Monica Bay or Pacific Ocean. The Century Lake and Dam, once known as Craig's Lake, is to the east of Malibou Lake on Malibu Creek. A private community of approximately 250 homes surrounds the lake. Homeowners are members of the Malibou Lake Mountain Club which maintains the lake, clubhouse, and common area. Malibou Lake has been the site of many movies including Gone with the WindThe Postman Always Rings TwiceThe Bad SeedButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Frankenstein. It continues to be used by the film industry. Former President Ronald Reagan owned a home at Malibou Lake. The community of Cornell is immediately to the west.


Malibou Lake Mountain Club

Malibou Lake Mountain Club (MLMC) is one of two communities at Malibou Lake in the Santa Monica Mountains. The other community is Malibu Lakeside. MLMC is not a cooperative, but it operates similar to a stock cooperative. Home buyers acquire title to their individual home and a long-term renewable license that gives them the right to occupy a defined area within the community. All homeowners within the community become members of the Malibou Lake Mountain Club which operates like a homeowners association with a board of directors. Amenities include Malibou Lake, boating, exceptional views, a large clubhouse, and lots of open space and trees. MLMC is a member of the Las Virgenes Homeowner's Federation.


Lake Vista Trail

Lake Vista Trail in Malibu Creek State Park has a scenic overlook that provides a beautiful view of Malibou Lake, Malibu Lake Mountain Club, and the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains. The 4.1-mile trail starts at 27800 Mulholland Highway just south of Agoura Hills. It is a very popular hike.


Malibu Lakeside

Malibu Lakeside is a community located at Malibou Lake in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was established in 1926. the community is governed by a homeowner’s association that is active in maintaining the high quality of the neighborhood. MLMC is a member of the Las Virgenes Homeowner's Federation.