Buyer's Revocable Agency Agreement

The undersigned (Buyer) acknowledges that __________________________ of will be spending a considerable amount of time researching the market and showing various homes available for sale to Buyer.

Buyer understands that __________________________ and will be compensated from the commission paid by the seller only if Buyer purchases a home where the offer is presented through Accordingly, Buyer agrees that if he or she makes an offer to purchase any homes shown by _________________________ of, such offers shall be made through and no other real estate brokerage firm. Buyer also understands that if he or she purchases a home shown to him or her by ____________________ of, then shall have earned a commission based on a percentage of the total commission payable by the owner of the listed home.

If Buyer purchases a home never shown by to Buyer, will have no right to any commission.

Buyer shall have the absolute right to cease utilizing to show homes at any time, upon providing written notice. shall provide Buyer with a written list of homes shown approximately every ten days.


Agreed this ________________________ day of __________________, 20_______.







________________________________                              ______________________________